Intelligence Officers in the Navy Reserve serve in an Officer role. What is it you do most days? What is it like on shore duty? I hear pops, bangs and what sounds like mortars... Are we at war? Thank you in advance. Most of your day to day life will be researching and learning things about your area of responsibility and the specific military order of battle in that area (for a while in the beginning at least). At sea you will be responsible for providing secure, reliable and effective communications using tactical and strategic means of communications, incorporating radio, satellite, visual and IT. the typical Navy deployment runs 6-8 months every 18-24 or so and that does NOT count smaller underways to train and qualify the squadron. 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USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) will make the first deployment with the F-35C in 2021, so the CMV-22 needs to be ready too for that deployment. Planned, prepared for, and exercised the employment/deployment of multi-national forces, including 20 countries, to the United States Central Command AOR. 114x: URL Officer qualified as a Special Operations Officer by virtue of training in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Diving/Salvage, and EOM functional areas. don't wanna deploy, do … You will work heavily with power point as well as many online data bases, and I wont lie many days will go by very, very slowly as there is little to do.That said it is a rewarding job and you will like it if you are interested in the topic. Intelligence specialists perform most of their duties in an office or watch environment. Speak to the recruiters for the best information on these questions. June was a bittersweet two-year anniversary for me. Additionally however your specific command is very important as well. Why did it become necessary to have a draft of men into an army for the US? IS is somewhat overmanned on the 2nd. The Navy … If you are interested in being an IS then do it. Still have questions? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Why do Americans always have enough money for another losing war in Vietnam, Iraq, etc., etc.? additionally as an IS you stand a decent chance of being sent IA from shore duty.. basically, you deploy as an individual to augment a team in the sandbox.. mostly Army but not always. They assemble and analyze multi-source operational intelligence in support of all warfare areas, assist in support of intelligence briefings, reporting, and analytical programs.Intelligence Specialists prepare and present intelligence briefings, as well as, prepare material for use in mission plannin… 113x: URL Officer qualified as a Special Warfare Officer (). This might be best case scenario, though. The breifing team would be putting together current intelligence slides for the commanding officer, ships intel officer etc...mind you this is a simplistic version. I just went through the MEPS process yesterday and signed a contract as an IS. The U.S. Navy’s PEO C4I and Space Systems is focusing on parallel development of digital assets and capabilities to speed innovation to the fleet. US Navy. First thing to realize is that yes your NEC is very important in terms of what you will be doing day to day. Search for: Menu Close. It's a very interesting job a lot of the time, and you will certainly gain skills and tools that will help you in any future career you may choose. 112x: URL Officer qualified as a Submarine Warfare Officer. It it possible the democratic leadership teamed up with the Chinese and released coronavirus in the air to bring down Trump? This job is the first specialized segment of training for a Marine seeking a career in military intelligence. she is from. To stop Covid, should we throw everyone who doesn’t wear a mask into crowded, unsanitary jails? Press J to jump to the feed. Organized and facilitated two Fleet Cyber Intelligence Enterprise VTCs, ensuring that subordinate commands received valuable guidance and updates to Navy Cyber Intelligence policy. Additionally, we conducted surveys and focus group discussions to assess the quality of work life (QOWL) for Navy military and civilian personnel. Thanks a bunch! It would not be very useful for an intelligence specialist on the Cuban economy to have a degree in Arabic. That is a dynamic thing that changes year to year and to some extent cycle to cycle. Add to cart. He doesn't do shit besides do some interviews for a few hours out of the day to recommend people for top secret clearances. which clothing store can you get the most out of $70. When I see orders for IS's pop up it's always Bahrain. Experimentation is at the heart of Albion’s deployment. And I would recommended highly. The length and location of training depends on the specific rating. They usually work closely with others, doing mostly analytical work, but must have the capability to work without supervision and to support the intelligence mission of the Navy on … Navy A School does not have as many restrictions as boot camp, but does not have as many freedoms as a sailor will once they complete training. Intelligence Specialists assist in every phase of the planning, collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence information. Turns out they just need training on how to use a push to talk button. The older COD, the C-2A Greyhound, is unable to ferry the larger F-35 engine prompting the Navy to move the new aircraft into service for the upcoming Vinson deployment. A U.S. Navy operations specialist uses a radar system in a combat information center in the 7th Fleet area of operations. E-4 would be surpassed to you on a silver platter, yet making E-5 is next to impossible with all the circulate raters that have PNA factors, awards, and could be extra possibly to get an EP. After spending 11 years as a commissioned naval officer, I found out I was no longer going to be Lt. Noble. On a big deck (LHD/LHA/CVN) you might be in CVIC or XPLOT working an intel watch where you get a ton of data, read it and send relevent bits to CIC and the briefing team. 3912 and 3924 here, I would say that first of all reading some of the other comments here, I wouldn't be overly concerned with the advancement rate as it stands today. the typical Navy deployment runs 6-8 months every 18-24 or so and that does NOT count smaller underways to train and qualify the squadron. Reserves are mostly home, and active duty is always deployed. (IG) performance, intelligence oversight, and Sailor programs under the purview of senior enlisted leadership. I even have some friends that joined as an MA and hate it. signed as an Intelligence Specialist (IS). Honestly though, If you want to do a very difficult college program or are very interested in family or getting married, i would go reserves. The UK Royal Navy has teamed up with artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Anduril Industries to use technologies that will modernise the Royal Marines’ surveillance systems and techniques. DH's was 8 months long, they can be longer. He should instead read Spanish and have a degree in Economics. But if you want intelligence experience and world travel, i would choose active.". I've read that promotion rates for ambitious sailors are also pretty decent in this rating. In your experience are the people in this field ambitious and motivated? Before the task group returns to the South West in December, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines will test new ideas, kit and tactics. when you ship goes, YOU go. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The responsibilities of these Enlisted Sailors may include: Tracking targets in real time; Defending ships against inbound threats The development of useful intelligence starts with the diligent efforts of Navy Intelligence Specialists who break down seemingly limitless raw data into relevant and manageable pieces. You could also end up on a CG or DDG as an E6 or above and have the roll of ships intel officer (A good time) but you can end up breifing everynight for a whole deployment. SAN DIEGO — U.S. Navy intelligence specialist Colleen Grace was asleep on a remote air base in Iraq in 2019 when she was woken up by knocking on the … What is your general quality of life? Can anyone who can provide insight to this rate and/or give me some advice and information for the A and C School and the rate in general. ... Electronic Warfare Specialist Navy | Intelligence, IT and … What’s your opinions about this father’s speech to his son? Usually the only contact I have with an IS is when they call me up saying people cant hear them when they make phone calls. There are also other things you can do but I am not going to go into any specfics. He is an IS2 (E5). What do you think of the 15 million men who dodged the draft during the Vietnam war? Im interested in further detail regarding what deployments as an Intelligence Specialist are like(length, frequency, etc) and how it would affect my family life. I don't mind being deployed but there's a reason I'm not joining the Army. When I joined the Navy IS was wide open and everyone was making it. How North Korea's Kim marked the new year, Jennifer Lopez grieves for COVID-19 victims, 'Patriotic Millionaires' want to kick in on relief checks, Cheers! (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael B. Zingaro/Released) (Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Zingaro) 700X will soon be put to the test alongside a host of crewless systems on Exercise Autonomous Advanced Force 3.0. Navy A School … No but seriously the only thing I heard they do is look at imagery and brief the higher ups about whatever the imagery says. On whole, would you say the job is pretty enjoyable? I have a friend who works over at a building that does top secret clearance recommendations. Also remmmber I'm not talking about anything other then 3924. I came across another Yahoo Answer regarding Navy Intelligence Specialist and part of the answer was "The job is for both reserves and active. If you have ANY insight into this rating, I would love to know before signing on the dotted line. same as if you were stationed aboard subs or with a Squadron. For anything Navy related, not limited to US Navy. 111x: URL Officer qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer. The Intelligence Specialist trade is comprised of two separate specialisations, Geospatial Intelligence Analysts and Electronic Warfare Specialists. Looking a few years out, the Navy … Through managed on-the-job training, Marines in MOS 0231 eventually have the training to become intelligence section chief at the 0300 level, and eventually, have the skills and training to serve as mission-critical intelligence officers at the 0400 level. Get your answers by asking now. How's the promotion rate? For instance a lot of the intelligence the CIA gathers is in the economic field among others. As for shore you could end up in a watch floor position doing something simmiler to what you did at sea or be a subject matter expert on a specific subject (weapon, country, etc). The Navy is working on deploying the Triton with IFC 4, which gives the UAV a signals intelligence capability and will put it on the path to replace the Navy’s EP-3E electronic reconnaissance aircraft. I am looking to go active however I am married and do have a family. The basic Navy Reserve commitment involves training a minimum of one weekend a month (referred to as drilling) and two weeks a year (referred to as Annual Training) – or the equivalent of that. s . Is that true, or a bit hyperbolic? About MILITARY EDUCATION:-Acoustic Intelligence Specialist (ACINT) NEC 0416-Naval Instructor NEC 9502-STS Master Analyst/Perspective LCPO NEC 0501